About Midtown KC Now


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Midtown KC Now, formerly known as MainCor, is the champion and leading community partner working to support commercial, mixed use and residential progress and effective and responsible community, economic and aesthetic development to create and encourage the vitality of Midtown.



To make Midtown Kansas City a great place for all.









We are committed to:

Working with businesses and residents to create a long-term positive community environment with productive public and private relationships

Supporting appropriate & responsible development that works for our urban environment, such as infill development, reduction of parking need, and creative placemaking efforts

Working with all city departments, operating as a liaison between municipal, commercial, and residential interests

Being a resource center to all of Midtown; if you have a concern, we can guide you toward a solution

Encouraging healthy neighborhoods, walkability and multi-modal access with attractive streetscapes & solutions

Operating community improvement districts that provide clean & safe programs

Encouraging good and appropriate redevelopment

Supporting business attraction and retention through promotion, networking and learning opportunities


Midtown KC Now administers and operates the following programs:

Main Street Community Improvement District

Broadway Area Community Improvement District

39th & Main Business Center Association

Penn Valley Park Conservancy