Midtown/Plaza area plan

The Midtown/Plaza area is a vibrant urban community where neighborhoods, businesses and institutions reinforce one another.  The character and identity of the area creates a special sense of community that attracts lifelong residents.  As the area evolves, respect is given to its historical development pattern and the safe, connected, diverse and sustainable environment is enhanced.

  • The Midtown/Plaza Area Plan – the complete version of the Midtown/Plaza Area Plan
  • Presentation from the April 29th – 30th Midtown/Plaza Open House – presentation containing meeting agenda, plan organization, maps and major plan recommendations
  • Assorted Maps from the April 29th – 30th Midtown/Plaza Open House – nine maps from the Midtown/Plaza Open House including Recommended Land Use, Pedestrian Improvements, and Plaza Planning Recommendations

Background and Orientation

Planning is the process by which a community assesses what it is and what it wants to become, and then decides how it can make that happen.

Area plans are designed to realize the community’s vision for the future and provide elected officials with a proactive framework to make decisions about housing, development, and economic growth of the area.

Area plans provide a single, comprehensive plan for an area of the City and provides policies to guide public decisions on land use, infrastructure, public services and zoning.

The Midtown/Plaza area plan will:

  • Recommend guidelines and strategies related to development, housing, neighborhoods, economic development, transportation, capital improvements, open spaces and urban design.
  • Serve as the “plan of record” for the area and will be fully integrated with other adopted plans resulting in a single, coordinated policy for the area.
  • Build on the foundation of previous planning efforts in the area.

Meetings Schedule

The Midtown/Plaza area plan process is moving forward and entering an important stage where we will discuss specific issues and recommendations for the plan. In effort to discuss issues at a finer level of detail, we are again breaking the planning area into five sub-areas.  Using previous feedback and analysis performed, we are going to ask specific questions and discuss potential options to achieve the vision for the area.

Documents from previous meetings are archived.

The planning area boundaries are:

North – 31st Street
South – 55th Street
East – Paseo Boulevard
West – State Line Road

Transit-Oriented Development

The City Planning and Development Department has prepared a draft policy to guide Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) in Kansas City. TOD is an approach to development that focuses land uses around a transit station or within a transit corridor and is characterized by dense, compact development with a mix of uses in a pedestrian-oriented environment. The draft policy identifies the critical elements of a successful TOD and provides a concise program of initiatives to implement TOD in Kansas City. Although the initial focus is on the streetcar starter line, the policy also provides strategies for future transit corridors. Staff will submit the draft policy to the City Plan Commission and City Council for adoption in the spring of 2016.

Visit Kansas City TOD planning website.

[Download complete document]


Envisioning a Cultural District: Art and Education

The New York–based architecture and landscape design firm Weiss/Manfredi was retained to explore ideas for how the many institutions in the area can be better connected through new physical and operational improvements. This conceptual study suggested various physical improvements relating to four key topics (or “lenses”). New elements in both public areas and private property were suggested to remove or mitigate impediments and create additional connections among the historic neighborhoods and institutions in the area. Concepts included items such as additional pedestrian bridges and events programming such as festivals and art displays. [Download full document here 42meg]

Main Street Corridor Land Use & Development Plan

Two years of planning with Main Street property and business owners along with representatives from the neighborhoods and the City of Kansas City came together in January 2003 with adoption by the City Council of the Main Street Corridor Land Use and Development Plan.

The Corridor Policy & Action Steps resulted in the formation of the following programs:

  • Corridor Aesthetics & Identity
  • Transportation
  • Planning & Land Use
  • Urban Design & Historic Preservation
  • Neighborhood Issues & Corridor Edges

Short, medium and long-term goals have been set and are being implemented by MainCor's staff, Board and Committees.

* Click here to review the Corridor Plan in its Entirety.

* Click here to see information regarding the Special Revenue District.


Main Street Streetscape Master Plan

MainCor teamed up with the City of Kansas City, Missouri and consultants from Brian Clark and Associates (now Confluence), as well as a Steering Committee composed of Main Street Stakeholders and residents to develop a Streetscape Plan for the Main Street Corridor. City council adopted the plan in February of 2008 and partial funding has been secured.

Review the Streetscape Plan in its entirety (PDF)

Schematic Design Power Point (PDF)

50% Design Development Document (PDF) - if you would like to see the complete Design Development Document, please call us to setup a time to come by.


43rd & Main Streetscape Plan

Review the 43rd & Main Streetscape Plan in its entirety (PDF


Main Street 2030

From August to December of 2007, fourth-year urban planning students from the University of Missouri-Kansas City collaborated with MainCor and various stakeholder groups to develop a 20-year vision for the Main Street Corridor. From concepts to analysis to design, these students used their enthusiasm and new ideas to create a fresh plan for the Main Street Corridor.

A Vision for the Future (PDF - 69MB)
A Vision for the Future (PPT - Power Point Presentation - 73MB)