Main & 43rd St. Street Streetscape

Project Manager: Zimmer Real Estate Services
Lead Architectural/Landscape/Engineering: Confluence
Project ExtentsMain Street from 34th Street to 44th Street and along 43rd Street from JC Nichols Parkway (Broadway Boulevard) to Oak Street.

The Main Street/43rd Street Streetscape Project was developed from two City adopted plans, the 
Main Street Corridor Land Use and Development Plan and the Main Street Streetscape Master Plan, as well as the 43rd & Main Streetscape Plan The Streetscape Project includes curbs and drives, concrete and decorative paving materials for sidewalks, street and pedestrian lighting, planter boxes and landscaping, seat and lean rails, bike racks, waste and litter receptacles, street signage in addition to neighborhood signage and markers. Several rain gardens were introduced to treat run off prior to entering the storm sewer system. The design also incorporates unique opportunities to tell pedestrians about the significant history of the area and to recreate Main Street as a destination rather than simply a conduit to move vehicles.