Broadway Area CID Board


Russell Criswell, Chair – Vulcan’s Forge

Lauren Euston, Vice Chair – MOSS Salon

Steve Tulipana, Secretary – miniBar

Tom Platt, Treasurer – Westport Land & Management, LLC


Jose Bautista – Bautista LeRoy

Matt Bramlette – Mid Coast Modern

Nate Feldmiller – Broadway Butcher Shop

Mark Inman – Chez Charlie

Cassie Mayberry – Kessinger Hunter

Ex-Officio: Kevin Evans / Traci Richardson – City of KCMO, Parks and Recreation

Broadway Area CID Board Meeting

Meets Bi-Monthly – Second Friday @ 11:30

BACID is a political subdivision, so meeting agendas are posted on-site at 3931 Main for every meeting.

Broadway Area CID Meeting Minutes


March 2023

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May 2023

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