Wagon Trails
Community Improvement District

The Wagon Trails Community Improvement District (WTCID) enhances the quality of life of a portion of Kansas City’s Westport Road Corridor through addressing concerns of general welfare and common good by implementing a ‘clean and safe’ program.

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As the concierge of the Wagon Trails district, the CID:


Works with the Prosecutor’s Office and the Kansas City Police Department to deter nuisance activity within the district


Maintains streetscape improvements


Helps the community when needed


Removes graffiti quickly, often before the morning rush hour


Assists with snow removal from public sidewalks


Keeps the public right-of-ways clean of litter and debris

Area Maintenance Attendants

Area Maintenance Attendants provide daily litter removal, landscape maintenance, snow shoveling from crosswalk and handicap areas, graffiti and poster removal, and visitor and customer assistance.

Area Awareness Officers

Area Awareness Officers provide on the street monitoring, reporting, assisting with medical emergencies, detouring illegal or suspicious behavior, and serving as on the street assistance for visitors, customers and residents of the area.

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Area Awareness Officers & Area Maintenance Attendants
Direct Line: 816.726.4970
Email: [email protected]

In case of an emergency, always call 911.

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Wagon Trails District
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Wagon Trails CID
Service Area

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The Wagon Trails Community Improvement District is a petition driven ‘clean and safe’ initiative that was approved by the property owners and registered voters within its boundary and funded through a property assessment of 1% of assessed value (approved 10/5/2023 by KCMO City Council) and a ½ cent sales tax (approved 3/12/2024 by voters in the district).

The Wagon Trails Improvement District is a political subdivision and up for renewal in 2038. It is operated by Midtown KC Now.